Our History

Plaques Trophies & Gifts by Perci

Founded in 1968 by Gregory (Perci) Packnett, and his wife Doris, out of their home, the business has grown to become a community institution in the Beverly area.Currently run by Mr.& Mrs. Packnett youngest son, Jules and his wife, Beverly; the tradition of excellent customer service, quality craftsmanship, and superior products has continued for over 30 years.

My father began the company after working in the specialty graphics and gifts with a company called Brown & Bigelow.He developed a loyal client base for executive gifts, calendars, and promotional gifts. In 1977, he was calling on a client who sold trophies, and they were having a close-out on 100 trophies.My father had just opened up our first location at 2136 West 95th street, on the second floor.He saw the opportunity to increase his cash flow by selling the trophies as a side business.One of his customers, a large insurance company was having an employee recognition dinner and they wanted something more than the traditional gift, and they brought the trophies the next week.My father then inquired if the trophy company had any other specials, they did, and the business was expanded to trophies.

My mother ran the trophy business while my dad ran the specialty advertising business.Together they expanded to our first retail street site at 2130 West 95th street.My parents enjoyed the support of many of the local schools, and sports teams and quickly adopted the slogan, "Where the Winners shop" after several of teams they sponsored were winning championships.

In 1985, my father died, and my mother was forced to move by a new landlord, weeks after his death.

She had not extended her lease since my dad was on his death bed, and the landlord did not care; so she had to move to 1830-32 West 95th Street.

With tenacity and determination my mother grew the business into the neighborhood institution it is today. She came early and stayed late, trained staff, and grew her client base. After 17 years she had achieved the success being able to consider retiring from her business.She moved the business to its present location at 2138 West 95th Street, in July of 2002, and announced she was going to sell the business. My wife and I were happy to see mom retire, and wished her well in her deserved rest.

Since I had a career in corporate America, and my wife was a great stay at home mom, we could not, and did not see ourselves in my parents business.My mother became ill and could go to work and asked me to step-in for a couple of days when my sister could not make it by the store, and I agreed.My sister was going to take over the store while mom found a buyer.Then we decided we could buy it, but that my sister would run it I would help her out until she could come into the business full time.What was suppose to be a couple of weeks was 4 1/2 years ago, and my sister has never come back.After convincing my wife to return to the traditional working world, we have grown the business by approximately 20% per year each year since 2002.

We have more time as family, more time together, and more of chance to see our children grow-up in front of us.We thank God for our loyal customers, and our new friends.We could not have grown without you, we thank you for your support, and we look forward to many more years of service to this community, and our customers whom we love.


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